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Virtual Platform for Scientific Events

Virtual Advisory Board Platform

Innovative digital solution that creates new ways
how healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies collaborate

Developed together with doctors
for life science industry
The future of collaboration and insights sharing
Net Promoter Score
attendance rate
more insights received
times more efficient
Engage thought leaders without distracting them
  • Our survey revealed that 100% of thought leaders are ready to switch to a virtual solution
  • 68% of healthcare professionals say their patients are at risk while they are travelling
  • 32% could recall cases where patients conditions worsened in their absence
A unique digital alternative to face‑to‑face events
  • 100% browser-based with no downloads
  • Available on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Support for 120 languages
  • Secure area for scientific exchange
  • Logo and branding colour customization of the platform interface
Number of KOLs and HCPs using the platform
:  HCPs
A complete multichannel experience
Discussion forums Learn from best practice and share perspectives with written discussion forums
Video calls Get the personal connection of face‑to‑face discussion with live video calling
Breakout sessions Run smaller breakout sessions that are linked to your core meeting
Keep KOLs engaged throughout the year
Asynchronous Online Meeting
Opportunity to prepare for year
Synchronous Web Meeting
Opportunity to prepare for upcoming congress
Congress and Traditional Ad Board
Utilize time at congress in focused manner
Asynchronous Online Meeting
Review outputs from congress and the year

A refreshing alternative to the distraction and time commitment of physical events, the Virtual Advisory Board Platform puts everything in one smart online interface

From regulatory to compliance to encouraging and tracking engagement, it’s a fully featured replacement for face-to-face meetings

Virtual Advisory Board Platform - Features
For doctors
Provide written or voice comments
Attach CT scans and other diagnostic references
Attach publication
Share clinical cases
Ask audience questions
Review documents and add personal notes
Respond to and ‘like’ comments from other contributors
Starting discussions
  • Short introductions to each participant
  • Information on the event organiser
  • Information on representatives of the organiser
  • Links to company publications, videos and web sites
During discussions
  • Work simultaneously with a live feed of comments
  • Review documents (articles, white papers, patient journeys and protocol)
  • Live results feeds after votes are casted
  • Run different types of polls and surveys
Bringing scientific info together
  • Access to an e-library of relevant publications and guidelines
  • Access to videos about disease and other key topics
Make data‑driven decisions

With detailed final reports, you can make continual improvement based on collected insights. From participation data to survey results, it’s all in one place.


  • Active participants list
  • Active time per participant
  • Confirmation for confidential and off‑label use and access to information


  • Poll and survey results (per participant and overall)
  • Participant contribution reports
  • Identify participant interest in specific topics
  • Active time per participant


  • Compare supporters and non‑supporters
  • Compare insights across regions
  • Use new ideas and clinical cases
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